Hearing Board Campaign

Reclaim our right to inexpensive hearing board appeals

Residents of Coconut Grove have been disenfranchised by a decision that has limited our ability to appeal crucial zoning and environmental decisions in the City of Miami.

In 2021, the City Commission voted 4-0 to change the language in appeals to hearing board decisions, including HEPB and PZAB, in section 62.23 of the City Code.

The new language adds a $1,500 newspaper advertising fee to ALL appeals, in addition to mailing and other filing fees. Historically, abutting neighbors were exempt from this fee.

This has markedly reduced the number of appeals filed on items such as tree permits and zoning exceptions, effectively taking away our citizens' rights.

Join the Coconut Grove Village Council in demanding and reclaiming our right to inexpensive hearing board appeals by signing our petition here:

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Reclaim our right to inexpensive hearing board appeals

By signing this petition you support:

(1) immediate reversal of this change in language so that abutting neighbors can file appeals without this onerous $1,500 fee.

(2) granting the Coconut Grove Village Council, elected officials representing constituents of Coconut Grove, the right to file appeals on behalf of residents in the neighborhood, without paying this $1,500 fee.